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BYS Education offers a holistic approach to education for licensed stylist built around natural curls. In this 6 month offering techniques I used to build my private suite business by 125% in one year. We cover all of the necessary skills needed behind the chair and beyond to build a thriving business around this specialization. NEXT Class starts June 1, 2024. Reserve your seat NOW while pricing is still reduced for the Pennsylvania Beauty Pro Expo through May 29, 2024.

Payment Types Available:

Credit Card, Debit Card, and Afterpay

6month BYS Coaching (PA).png

BYS Education would love to introduce you to the 5 Factor Method for Product Selection. In the 24-minute video why you need to understand much more than curl type to select the correct products for all curls will be revealed.

How to Chose Products for YOUR Curls (Card (4 in x 6 in)).png
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