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Advanced Certifications and Organizations

Pursuit of Excellence

Ouidad Certification

Fully Ouidad Certified Curl Expert


DevaCurl Certification

I am a certified Deva Pro Stylist Level 2


Rezo Academy

The Rezo methods are devoted to curly hair patterns. I am level 1 certified. 

Hair Color Secrets Insider

This is a membership that includes advanced hair color training and mentorships with stylists from around the world from all color specialties.


Masters of Balayage

This is a certification course as a Master of Balayage. I have completed this intense 12 week course that includes Lightening Mastery, Dimensional Mastery, and Advanced Mastery.


Behind the Chair University

This program is a collection of trainings that span across all specializations and techniques in creating beautiful hair.


K18 Biomimetic HairScience

I have completed the certification course for the full line of K18 products.


Vizio Makeup Academy

Certification for all things makeup.

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